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Alea HennessyAlea Hennessy
Administrative Assistant - 434

Alea is the Girl Friday of the Steward-Mellon family. She is often your first point of contact here. She brightens up the place with her acerbic humor and edgy fashion sense. Hipster or hippy? We are not sure.

Wayne BehrensWayne Behrens
General Superintendant - 433

Wayne is our General Superintendant, in charge of all manpower and jobsite management. He is also our safety officer, and quality assurance man in the field. Wayne worked his way up from an entry level position here in 1977. He knows the ins and outs of all our crafts, having run jobs as Field Forman in the trades of terrazzo, tile, natural stone, industrial coatings, and VCT. If you see him out on the jobsite, hail him by his nickname, “Shade Tree”, we’ll let him give the explanation.

Dan RayburnDan Rayburn
Warehouse Manager/ Purchasing - 435

Dan is in charge of the warehouse, purchasing and logistics here at Steward-Mellon. His charge is getting the best quality materials, at the right time, at the best price….. and making sure no one walks off with them! Dan is an avid turkey hunter. No one rocks Mossy Oak camo like Dan!

Patrick CorcoranPatrick Corcoran
Controller - 436

Patrick signed on as Controller with the Steward-Mellon team mid 2012. When he is not busy at the office maintaining continuity and creating robust efficiencies, he is out on the water with his family or golfing. Rumor has it that he may be sponsored by Titleist!

Kevin GregorichKevin Gregorich
project manager - 437

Ambitious, tenacious, with a can-do attitude, and the know-how to back it up, Kevin Gregorich started working for Steward-Mellon in 1989. He was hired for the marble shop and progressed to field Journeyman from which his knowledge of the industry springs. He graduated to Project Manager in 2005 and has since successfully managed 600+ projects.

John NaugleJohn Naugle
chairman, industrial flooring & maintenance - 431

John Naugle is Steward-Mellon’s Chairman of the Board and in charge of our maintenance division. 2012 marks his 63rd anniversary with the company. He started part time in 1949. He came in as a vice president under his father in 1962. He and his now retired brother purchased the firm from their father in 1973. He remains active in the firm to this day.

Mark NaugleMark Naugle
ceo & president, art in public places - 432

Mark Naugle, is the President and CEO of Steward-Mellon Company. He started out working summers here during high school culling brick, then became a field helper at eighteen. He then worked his way up to journeyman during college. In 1984, after progressing to field foreman, he was offered a job in the office as an estimator. In 1989, he bought part of his retiring uncle’s equity and was installed as Executive Vice President. Today he is the majority shareholder of the firm. His start here at the bottom rung has been of great value, as he would never ask any field employee to do something that he did not know how to do himself.

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